I Will Return!


After a long hiatus of no activity I hope to return with numerous posts – some from new travels and some stemming from pass adventures and cherished memories. Is it a sign of aging that those memories become more cherished – whether with detailed accuracy or skewed with flaws and misinterpretation

For me, travel is rarely luxurious or restive but instead a long road of discovery. Discovery of new locations, historical context, natural wonders, arts, food and personal connections. I hope some will join me along the road.

In a week my husband and I plan to set off on a road trip to the northern Rockies and into Canada. It won’t be as extensive as our 50-day 2016 trip to Canada’s Maritime Provinces. We don’t know if it will be two weeks or five, depending on health and endurance. However, we are sure there will be discoveries and new memories created.

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