Day 4 – And Now, Canada Too

On Day 4 we head beyond the US into Alberta, Canada.

Before leaving the Great Falls area we make a visit to First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, the site of a mile long sandstone cliff, perhaps the largest bison cliff jump in North America.

The final stop before crossing the border into Alberta was at the Shelby Rest Stop Carousel. We took a ride on the restored 1936 carousel and indulged in two dips of Wilcoxson’s ice cream – huckleberry and Caramel Sea Salt Truffle.

The Canadian Border Agent wanted to know how long we would be in the country. I told him we had reservations for 10 nights but it could be longer. He then asked if there was a date that we needed to be home. I answered no. He was not taking an indefinite date and wanted to know just how long we were going to stay. I finally said four weeks. That seemed to satisfy, he returned our passports and wished us a good day.


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