Nancy Yackel



Nancy Yackel is a freelance travel writer published in major newspapers in the US and Canada, magazines and websites. She wrote a travel feature for a suburban Denver lifestyle magazine for 10 years. A 45-year resident of Colorado, she especially loves exploring the American West.

Whether navigating a rugged mountain back road, sampling the best green chile burger in New Mexico, or lifting off in a hot air balloon she’s always looking for a new travel adventure to share with fellow travelers.

12 thoughts on “Nancy Yackel

  1. Linda Beilby-Big Sky B&B

    Just wondering if you’ve been reading my blog – Have you ever visited Montana? If not you must come to the Bitterroot Valley, it’s Montana’s best – the Valley is small only 10-15 miles across and abt. 125 miles long – best weather in Montana – usually our winters are mild and summers not to warm. Great hiking, fishing, cross crounty skiing, or just enjoying the wild life and what Montana has to offer.

  2. Nancy Yackel Post author

    Hello Linda,
    We stayed with you last June on our way to Spokane. Not long enough, just one night, but we’ll return. We love to make the trip from Denver to Spokane through the Bitterroots – beautiful country. May I put your blog on my blogroll?

  3. Kara/MountainMama

    Hi Nancy! Thanks for visiting I’m always happy to “meet” another travel writer based in Colorado. Who told you about us at your reception last night? Always happy to learn of new fans… thanks!

  4. Ross Love

    Saw former co-workers in Sun City West recently and thought of you and Bob. Still owe you for the meal when Wiley last (?)passed through Colorado. I’ll call when we are in Denver and maybe we can share some travel tales.


  5. Hilde

    We, me and my husband Frank from the Netherlands, will be starting in april to travel the USA for a long time, so all info about the USA is welcome. I came upon your site through Google and will use it for tips and travel.

  6. jim kirk

    Is this the Nancy Coleman Yackel, Champaign High School Class of 1961? If so, I wanted to remind you of our upcoming Reunion, July 23rd, in case you might not have seen it.

    Jim Kirk

  7. Nancy Yackel Post author

    This is the Nancy Coleman Yackel from CHS Class of ’61. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the 50th because of a commitment we made more than a year ago. The weekend sounds like great fun, enjoy!

  8. sommariva andrea

    Dear Ms Yackel,

    We ask the permission to reproduce the following immage:

    Model of the ship that carried the Pilgrims to America, taken from your website www.

    in a book:

    Authors: Giovanni Bignami and Andrea Sommariva
    Title: A Scenario for Interstellar Travel and its Financing
    Expected publishing date: April 2013
    Editor: Springer-Verlag

    Best regards,

    Andrea Sommariva

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