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Crested Butte Mountain Resort – Crested Butte, Colorado

Ski the Butte – $99/Person

More than two feet of fresh powder in the last week, the sun is out, the sky is blue – how many more reasons do you need to escape to Crested Butte for great skiing? Does lodging and skiing for $99 cinch the deal?

Crested Butte Tourism Skier Call Crested Butte Vacations at 800-810-7669 to reserve your stay during this limited time offer. The package price is per person, per night and includes one day adult lift ticket and lodging for one night at The Grand Lodge Crested Butte in either a 2 King Emmons Studio or a Standard King Suite, based on double occupancy. Valid for travel through 2/12/10.

This package deal is only available by calling Crested Butte Vacations. Call now to enjoy the legendary terrain and excellent conditions on uncrowded slopes. Skip the traffic and head to Crested Butte.

Photo by Tom Stillo, courtesy of Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association

15th Annual Great Fruitcake Toss – Manitou Springs, Colorado

Let it Hurl

You may have recycled the tree, put away the presents, and eaten the leftovers but have you dealt with the dreaded fruitcake from Aunt Mabel? If not, this is your opportunity. Head to Manitou Springs, January 9th and have fun disposing of the fruity, nutty "treat."

happy-ladyTucked between Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods, Manitou is immediately west of Colorado Springs. The visitor’s bureau calls the town "magical", I call it quirky. You’ll find characters and class – and, a whole lot of panache. This is a town that knows how to have fun and take a lighthearted look at life.


How better to cap off the holiday festivities that to join in the hurling and launching at the 15th Annual Great Fruitcake Toss? Competitors and spectators will gather at the Manitou Springs High School Track for a final holiday “send off”. Bring your own cake in one-, two-, or four-pound sizes or "rent" one for $1.00.  Fruitcakes must contain glaceed fruits, nuts and flour – they cannot contain anything inedible. Don’t wrap in foil, duct tape, etc., all fruitcakes must be visible to the "Fruitcake Toss Tech Inspectors."

Events start with the Kids Toss – three age groupings, boy and girl winners, and the Fruitcake Toss – one person physically throwing a 1 pound cake. Then, they get down to the serious stuff: the Fruitcake Launch using a mechanical device and the Pneumatic Spud Gun or canon division using pneumatic devices brought to the competition by the contestant. It doesn’t stop there, they also have the team “Catch the Fruitcake” competition, and Accuracy with targets place on the field of "battle". The entertained crowd gets to vote for the Most Creative Launch and the Best Showmanship. Teams are asked to "dress" for the event. fruitcake-target   ready-the-arms1













Bob almost wept the first time he saw all the flying fruitcakes crushing to earth. This is a man who never saw a fruitcake he didn’t like. Imagine how happy the squirrels are to clean up after the event. After the competitions we "squirrel" away for a delicious healthy lunch at Adams Mountain Cafe.

Map picture

When You Go: The Great Fruitcake Toss runs from 10am – 2pm, Saturday, January 9, 2010 with registration beginning at 9am. Entry Fee is one canned food item or one non-perishable food item to be donated to the local food bank.

Evergreen Lake – Evergreen, Colorado

Taking a Spin


For generations Evergreen Lake has been a favorite winter destination for Denver area families. The lake is frozen and open for 2010 winter recreation. There’s plenty of room for hockey practice and pick-up games, beginner and serious skaters as well as those who do more ice standing than skating.

The log Lake House offers lots of benches for lacing up skates, rental skates, hockey supplies, and a snack bar. It’s a great place to warm up or crisp winter days.

beginner1   hockey   spinnerevergreen-lake-skating

When You Go: Skate fees are $5 or less per session depending on age. Season passes and ten punch cards are available. The lake and lake house are part of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District. Their website gives little information;call the skating hotline, 720-880-1391 before heading to the lake.

Map picture

Happy Skating!

OOPS! – Vail, Colorado

Bottoms Up!

Vail Ski Resort has trademarked the slogan, “Like Nothing on Earth.”  After last week’s chairlift misadventure perhaps they should add, “… or in the Air.” Today’s much viewed web photos include the unfortunate skier who slipped through a Vail chairlift and hung suspended by his pants for 7 minutes until lift operators  came to the “rescue.” Apparently the seat wasn’t properly in place when he boarded. Besides going through the ordeal, now the victim finds his bare buns spread across computer and television screens and a hot topic for comedians.

An overlooked part of the story is the child that boarded the same chair. In some of the photos you can see the youngster still on the chairlift. I think this kid should get some kind of reward for not panicking. Wonder how he/she feels about chairlifts today.

The photographer that took the picture is in trouble with his employer. What about a couple of lift operators?

If you have not seen the photos and feel the need, http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2009/0106091vail5.html.