Photography for Where To Go – Travel USA

Images seen on Where To Go – Travel USA almost exclusively captured by Bob or Nancy Yackel. Bob brings an artist’s eye to the photographs, acutely aware of light, color, shape, and angle. His photos have accompanied Nancy’s travel stories for publication in newspapers and magazines.

bob-at-dbgAfter several years of using a Nikon digital Bob missed the options interchangeable lens provide. He’s currently using a Pentax 20D. Older Pentax compatible lens work with the 20D but he’s found the best results with new automatic telephoto and wide-angle lens. He reports it’s taken him almost a year to learn the multitude of features available and get the quality of images he desires.

In contrast Nancy shoots with a small Nikon S210. She likes always having it in her purse or pocket, taking candid shots and capturing details she plans to include in a story.

To share more images and expedite loading we’ve downsized photos for blog usage. If pictures come from an outside source they will be appropriately credited.

All photos copyrighted.

1 thought on “Photography

  1. wanderingjustin

    Pentax – they rock! I am using one of the smaller ones, a K-100D Super. I’ve been messing about with the older prime lenses. Great results for landscape, but hard to use for action stuff.

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