New York Deli News – Denver

New York Deli News – Denver


New York Deli News has become our “Go To” restaurant, the place we go when we want a sandwich piled high with hot pastrimi or good, reasonably priced comfort food. We know what to expect and the consistency is amazing. Denver diners have chowed down at NYDN for twenty years.

Chicken pot pie stars on Thursday nights. Generous chunks of chicken and vegetables encased in rich pastry  served steaming hot – the best I’ve had in Denver. I once finished an entire pie but usually enough goes home with me for two lunches. Other nightly specials include corned beef and cabbage on Sundays and Saturday night lasagna. Friday is prime rib night, 12-ounces – $12.95, 16-ounces – $16.95 for complete dinners.

The economically minded watch for coupons in Friday papers or take advantage of the Early Bird specials between 3:30-5:30 pm when $6.95 buys one of ten entrees. The complete dinner comes with potato, vegetable and a choice of soup, salad or cole slaw. All accompanied by slices of light rye bread, of course.

We ate at NYDN many years before ever ordering a hamburger. What a mistake! It’s a thick patty cooked to order and served hot off the grill. I’m not much of a fry person but the ones here are hard to resist.

The ambiance is a bit worn, however, we always receive attentive, efficient service. I’m not from New York and wouldn’t debate the authenticity of Denver’s New York Deli News. But, what I do know is that much like a favorite pair of shoes or comfy sweater NYDN fits well as our dependable “Go To” eatery.

When You Go: New York Deli News is located at 7105 E. Hampden Ave., 303-759-4741. Opens daily at 7:00 am, closes 10:00 pm Sunday – Thursday, 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

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