Bottoms Up!

Vail Ski Resort has trademarked the slogan, “Like Nothing on Earth.”  After last week’s chairlift misadventure perhaps they should add, “… or in the Air.” Today’s much viewed web photos include the unfortunate skier who slipped through a Vail chairlift and hung suspended by his pants for 7 minutes until lift operators  came to the “rescue.” Apparently the seat wasn’t properly in place when he boarded. Besides going through the ordeal, now the victim finds his bare buns spread across computer and television screens and a hot topic for comedians.

An overlooked part of the story is the child that boarded the same chair. In some of the photos you can see the youngster still on the chairlift. I think this kid should get some kind of reward for not panicking. Wonder how he/she feels about chairlifts today.

The photographer that took the picture is in trouble with his employer. What about a couple of lift operators?

If you have not seen the photos and feel the need,