Bud’s Bar – Sedalia, Colorado

NO French Fries, Dammit!!


 No question about it – there are NO French Fries at Bud’s Bar in Sedalia, Colorado. Actually the options are simple – do you want a hamburger ($3.25) or cheeseburger $3.50)? Single or double ($5 & $5.50)? That’s it. The burgers are served with pickles, onions and chips along with squeeze bottles of mustard and ketchup. As the menu says, “What more do you want at these prices!!”

 This basic formula has worked for Bud’s since 1948. We’ve heard of the popular bar for years and years yet have never stopped in Sedalia to try Bud’s burgers.buds-burger

On this gorgeous last day of January we went exploring and dropped in for lunch. The only seats available were stools at the bar, which felt just right for propping my elbows on the bar and biting into a hot, juicy cheeseburger. And, it was just off the grill hot, definitely not precooked.

buds-place1In addition to bar seating there are a dozen tables and booths – today filled with families, teens, Harley bikers and gray-haired geezers. Nancy was working behind the bar this afternoon. The local sitting next to Bob informed us, “She’s been my therapist for years.”

Exactly as billed, Bud’s loyal following knows they’ll get served a good burger – and NO fries.

When You Go: Bud’s Bar, 5453 Manhart Street, (just look for all the cars and cycles in town), Sedalia, 303-688-9967. Opens daily at 10am.

1 thought on “Bud’s Bar – Sedalia, Colorado

  1. Christine

    We love Bud’s and miss the incredible hamburgers! We were thinking of our favorite times at Bud’s! Hello to Colorado!

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