Welcome to Phoenix – Arizona

It Happens

You know what “It” is. Our room phone rang at 7:01am. I’m thinking we didn’t request a wake-up call. “Is this Nancy? Sorry to bother you so early. What kind of car do you drive? It’s been broken into, if you can come down to the lobby the police are on their way.”

Welcome to Phoenix!

I throw clothes on from the night before and get downstairs pronto. The mind is whirling, “What did we leave in the car? How much damage will there be? How will this affect the trip?” The night  auditor insists on walking out with me. Broken glass covers the ground, items are scattered on the pavement.

Initial assessment is that it’s not as bad as it could be, a couple of tote bags are missing. The snack bag is gone – I hope the creeps like granola bars. I’m going to owe my public library when I get home, a bag with two books and two books on tape has taken flight – I hope they have a literary bent. The irony is that it was one of my favorite totes and was a gift a few years ago from the Arizona Tourism Office.

The hotel staff is terrific, from manager to maintenance, front desk to Starbucks barista. There are a couple of other victims as well. Police are called – the hotel placed four calls but  the police did  finally come and take a report. I know that in many cities that would not have been the case. Glass was swept, brushed and picked out of nooks. Lattes are provided while insurance company is contacted, glass company suggestions were made, schedules rearranged.

By mid-afternoon we were once again operational. The Desert Botanical Gardens were understanding and slid our entry ticket time from 8am to 4pm. By bedtime we realized a few more items were among the missing, three bottles of hard cider – I hope they were of drinking age, and $60 of speciality pecans – they better appreciate our gourmet taste. Sorry Pat P.

As disappointing and disruptive as this was to deal with we can’t help but realize it could have been a whole lot worse. One or two lowlife left a lasting impression about Phoenix but many more kind citizens did all they could to lend a hand. We’ll try to remember the positives.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Phoenix – Arizona

  1. Nancy Yackel Post author

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Justin, I’m betting you see some pretty marvelous sunsets in your wanderings. Safe travels.

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