Northern Arizona Exploration Pass – Flagstaff, Arizona

Incentive Program to Scientific Wonders of Northern Arizona

lowell-clark-domeThree premier attractions in the Flagstaff area have joined together to offer an Exploration Pass giving $2 discounts on admission to each the Lowell Observatory (see blog), Meteor Crater and the Museum of Northern Arizona. The free passes are available at the three attractions and the Flagstaff Visitor Center located next to the downtown train station.


metero-craterMeteor Crater is located 35 east of Flagstaff. View the 4,000′ across and 550′ deep crater, explore space, meteorite and asteroid exhibits in the Learning Center, watch the “Collisions and Impacts” movie or take a one-hour guided rim tour.


mna-dinosaurNine Galleries at the Museum of Northern Arizona introduces the visitor to the region through Native cultures, tribal lifeways, natural sciences and fine art. The Mystery of the Sickle-Claw Dinosaur exhibit introduces therizinosaur, the newest and strangest dinosaur skeleton found in North America.

Pick up a free Exploration Pass and discover scientific wonders from the depths of the earth to the heavens.

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