Golden Shanghai – Denver, Colorado

Golden Shanghai

Golden Shanghai on South Parker Road serves up a golden experience. For several weeks I’ve felt the need for a Golden Shanghai dinner, tonight we satisfied that need. From the initial greeting to the final thank you all was as it should be for a pleasant dining experience.

A pot of hot tea is brought to the table as soon as we’re seated. We selected the family dinner for two at $13.95/person. Each person receives soup, choice of egg drop, wonton or hot and sour, an egg roll, cheese wonton, rice and any entree on the  menu priced up to $9.95. Bob ordered wonton soup and hot and spicy chicken, Nancy went for the hot and sour soup and pork with garlic sauce. Soups were  flavorful and served piping hot, of the two we prefer the hot and sour. Vegetables used in the entrees were fresh and cooked to perfection – maintaining a bit of a snap. All dishes can be ordered with no vegetables, no sauce,  or sauce on the side and can be prepared hot, mild or not spicy at all. MSG is not used in any dishes at Golden Shanghai.

We resisted the temptation tonight but I highly recommend the plum wine ice cream, it’s a lovely ending for a Chinese dinner. Individually wrapped almond cookies are presented along with traditional fortune cookies. My fortune said to, “Trust your instincts.” I believe we did just that by heading to Golden Shanghai for dinner.

Service matches the quality of the food, attentive without intrusion. From the outside Golden Shanghai looks like just another Oriental restaurant in a strip mall. Inside the dining room is attractive with tall, padded booths along the walls, and well spaced tables in the center of the room. An alcove offers a degree of privacy for small groups (I would guess up to a dozen). A well-kept aquarium and small bar complete the room.

Beyond the Chinese dishes you expect are specialties like lobster in garlic sauce, Cantonese or Szechuan style. I’m not a scallop person but I hear the sesame scallops are to die for. In addition there are a number of Southeast Asian fusion dishes on the menu. Golden Shanghai always appears to have a devoted take-out clientele and delivers in the immediate area.

With the quality of food, preparation, service and ambiance it is no wonder Golden Shanghai has been named one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the country.

I went hungry and totally concentrated on our meal. When all was said and done I realized I should have taken pictures, my mistake. Check Golden Shanghai’s website to see their photos and menus. Then, stop in and have your own golden experience.

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