Seahorse Exhibit – Monterey Bay Aquarium – California

The Secret Lives of Seahorses

The award-winning Monterey Bay Aquarium opened a new exhibit this week. The Secret Lives of Seahorses reveals fascinating tales of these unusual creatures.  The aquarium describes them, “With a head like a horse, a snout like an aardvark, a belly pouch like a kangaroo, a prehensile tail like a monkey and the ability to change colors like a chameleon, seahorses are anything but ordinary.”seahorse-from-pd-photoorg Watching these unique beings in environments similar to their habitats in the wild can be mesmerizing.

Fifteen species of seahorses, sea dragons, pipehorses and pipefish entice visitors to learn about the varied habitats in which they live and to understand the threats they face. Of the 34 known seahorse species, eight are listed as threatened.

When You Go: Monterey Bay Aquarium is located on historic Cannery Row in Monterey, California. Hours vary by season and day of the week, check the website for details and information on purchasing tickets. The seahorse exhibit is included in general aquarium admission and remains at the aquarium until 2012.

Photo courtesy of PD, a public domain photo website.

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