Colorado Carousel Society Promotion

Ride Five – Colorado Carousels

Toddler on Rexburg Carousel From the thrill of a toddler’s first ride to the nostalgia of senior citizens, carousels hold a magical place in our hearts. The menagerie of carved animals, elaborate painted ornamentation, bright lights and distinctive music set the scene for an enchanted excursion. The Colorado Carousel Society encourages our whimsical journeys with a Ride Five promotion this summer.

Between May 30 and Labor Day (September 7), 2009 participants will have a special coupon punched at each carousel they ride. After completing five qualified rides the punched coupon is mailed to the society to be entered into a drawing for prizes.

Three of the five rides must be on antique carousels. Thousands of hand-carBob on Spokane Carouselved carousels  operated across the country in  the 1920s. Today fewer than 160 historic ones remain; six in Colorado, built between 1905 and 1928.

Jasmine on Denver Zoo CarouselThe Denver Zoo is home to the contemporary Endangered Species Carousel with 48 hand-carved wooden animals – lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

The Carousel of Happiness in Nederland plans to open before the end of 2009, sporting 36 newly carved animals on an antique 1910 Looff frame. unique animals include a moose, coyote, frog, alpaca, a flying pig and kangaroo with boxing gloves. A seated gorilla with outstretched arm waits to give a rider in a wheelchair a hug.Visiting this work in progress will qualify as a ride.

Three fiberglass reproduction carousels can also be found in Colorado.Cheyenne Mt. Zoo Carousel

Ride 5 kicks off May 30th at Elitch Gardens. Participants can pick up coupons at the carousels or print them from the Colorado Carousel Society website. Each carousel will have a distinctive punch, completed coupons must be mailed by September 15 to be eligiNancy with Brass Ringble for the prize drawing.

I plan to grab the brass ring this summer and Ride 5. Come along for the ride and join me?



Carousels in Colorado
Carousels in Colorado


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