*Travel Log* – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – July 14, 2009

Bird 1 – Denver Bound Passengers 0

The bags got packed, the condo cleaned, the rental car returned without mishap, flight check-in completed, security cleared, lunch enjoyed, time for boarding – no action. We begin to wonder and get antsy. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is an update on Frontier flight #387 to Denver. On the inbound flight the plane had a bird strike in the #2 engine.” A half hour later we note the flight crew deplaning. Not a reassuring sign we’ll be going anywhere.

We soon learn the flight has been cancelled for today and will be rescheduled for tomorrow morning. The lack of an organized plan and leadership is soon evident. Fortunately this isn’t a big deal for us, we don’t HAVE to be home today no matter how much we were looking forward to our own beds.

It takes a couple of hours for the airline to deal with those who feel they absolutely must get to Denver NOW. Those of us from out of state will be put up in a hotel. After much confusion about hotel shuttles and assignments we arrive at a Holiday Inn Express. They have a bit of confusion with check-in procedure but finally we have a room. Phone calls home, a walk to the local grocery and liquor store, and a delivered pizza and Greek salad ease the disappointment

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