White Fence Farm – Lakewood, Colorado

Sunday Chicken Dinner

Growing up what was better than Sunday dinner at Grandma’s? The family gathered around the big oak table, heaping platters of crispy fried chicken, mounds of creamy mashed potatoes, ladles of gravy and plenty of side dishes to fill every tummy.

WFF - Sign We recreated much of that scenario today with Sunday afternoon dinner at White Fence Farm in west of Denver. The experience takes me back a half-century. The “farm house” is much more stately than Grandma’s, the table isn’t oak but the traditional chicken dinner totally satisfied our hunger and cravings.

We avoided a lengthy wait by arriving mid-afternoon, 3:30pm. White Fence Farm only takes reservations for parties of 15 and more. Our party of adults opted for the quieter fireplace room. None of us really needed t o study the menu; we were there for the chicken dinner. Other entree choices range from white fish or shrimp to t-bone steak and beef liver.

WFF - Front Along with our drinks our waitress brought dishes of coleslaw, pickled beet slices, kidney bean salad and cottage cheese – all served family style. Plus, the hard to resist warm corn fritters. She is soon back to see if we want refills on any of the salads. It isn’t long until she arrives with the heaping platter of crisp chicken – four pieces per person, potatoes, gravy and another dish of fritters.

Desserts of pie – lemon meringue or chocolate silk, warm blueberry cobbler, cheesecakes and sundaes tempted but only Bob indulged with a dish of soft serve ice cream.

The White Fence Farm experience isn’t just about the food. There’s live entertainment, refreshments and shopping in the adjoining Americana Barn. While Bob stocked up on a favorite onion salad dressing Michael and Stephanie perused the old-fashioned candy selections including pop rocks, clove gum and button candy.

WFF - Testing the Water

WFF - Treehouse WFF - Tire Swing  

The silo is filled with Christmas ornaments and decorations year-round. Created from an old railroad car, the Country Cottage offers gifts for the home and antiques. Kids, young and old, make acquaintance with kids of the goat variety, sheep and chickens aat the OK Corral. The giant steer and hog were both into afternoon nap mode. We stroll the landscaped grounds admiring the flowers, sculpture and popular pond alive with fish and ducks. Steph and I wish we were under ten and could join in the playground fun. I’d head to Chester’s Roost Treehouse while she’s wanting a twirl on the tire swing.

WFF - Rocking Chair I guess I have to admit I’m of an age where a rocking chair may be more appropriate for Sunday afternoons following chicken dinner.

When You Go: White Fence Farm, 6263 West Jewell Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado, 303-935-5945. White Fence Farm serves dinner Tuesday through Saturday, 4:30 – 8:30 PM and Sunday, 11:30 – 8:00 PM. The farm is closed Mondays and the month of January.

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    Thanks Etta, I appreciate the encouragement. Please check back for new postings. After a very busy summer I’m looking forward to getting back to a regular blogging routine. Nancy

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