Fall Color Update – Colorado

Cottonwood Pass

Buena Vista to Crested Butte

September 18, 2009 – There’s a stretch along the east side of Cottonwood Pass that supports stands of mature aspen. We note trunk diameters as well as how tall these trees are compared to the ones seen on Kenosha Pass. The long white trunks would give photos a very different look if the weather weren’t so gray. The foliage above timberline is outstanding in rich fall color. Large patches of deep red appear to flow down gullies and drainages.

We place odds on getting rain this afternoon. A few drops sprinkle the windshield before the summit but almost  instantaneous with starting down the west side the temperature plummets to 45-degrees and corn snow pellets the car until we get below timberline. Aspen along the Taylor River are mostly turned, but those south of Crested Butte are just beginning the process. Soft, steady rain bathes “The Butte” this evening.

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