Colorado Fall Color – Central City

Old Mining Roads Above Central City

Prospectors rushed to the area 150 years ago when gold was discovered in Gregory Gulch. Central City soon became a supply and cultural center – nearly designated as the state capital. The remains of old mining camps and abandoned Mount Baldy Cemetery in Fallmines dot the hillsides – Nevadaville, Apex, Russell Gulch, American City. Although casinos and tourists fill today’s Central City and Blackhawk much history remains in them ther’ hills. Aged tombstones in ten cemeteries relate the burdens and perils settlers faced.

  • The Route

    Central City can be easily accessed by either I-70 and the Central City Parkway or US6 and CO119 through Blackhawk. Many gravel roads such as Nevadaville, Bald Mountain and Upper Apex roads are car passable while many jeep trails wander further off the beaten path.

Caution: Remains of mines and shafts made the area dangerous for hiking off established roads and trails. Stay safe. Be respectful when visiting historic sites and cemeteries – take nothing, leave no trace.

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