Old Town Museums – Albuquerque, New Mexico

So Much to Explore!

Three outstanding facilities stand without walking distance of each other. It couldn’t be easier to explore art, history, science, technology, natural history and astronomy. Time and energy runs out before we can do it all; but, the journey proves fascinating.


Albq Museum


Albuquerque Museum of Art & History An outstanding permanent collection and excellent temporary exhibits make this a repeat experience when visiting the city. A permanent exhibit, Four Centuries, covers 400 years of history in Albuquerque. The museum’s art collection emphasizes contemporary and historic regional artists. We’ve been fortunate enough to see several quality visiting exhibits over the years. The outdoor sculpture garden presents numerous styles and genres. Guided tours of galleries and garden are available. The education department sponsors informative walking tours of Old Town.


Explora! – An incredible, hands-on experience awaits learners of all ages interested in science, technology and art. Robotics lab to interactive fountain, principles of sound, motion, or electricity, this is a learning laboratory that fascinates tiny tots to senior citizens – a perfect multi-generation spot. Explora! is so popular with adults they get periodic adult-only Friday nights scheduled just for them. Visitors get so involved they spend twice as long as planned. This is truly an exception facility – a “have-to-do” while in Albuquerque.

  Explora3   Explora2Explora1


Dinosaur enthusiasts find the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science a must stop. We explore an ice cave, stand inside a volcano and ride the “EvolaAlb Natural History Museumtor” for a Journey Through Time, from Origins 200 million years ago to the Ice Age. Collections include the world’s longest dinosaur and oldest mammal fossil.

Within the museum, the Astronomy Center showcases a 55-foot diameter planetarium dome and high-definition imagery to explore our universe – and beyond. Permanent exhibits, Space Frontier and Making Tracks on Mars leads us through space exploration.

Wise visitors include a Dynatheater show during their touring. Sitting back to watch the giant screen presentation offers the perfect way to rest without wasting a minute. Mummies: Secrets of the Past is the current feature.

4 thoughts on “Old Town Museums – Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. Frances Schweiber

    Is there anyway or suggestion on how I can find value of Johnny Yazzi paintings: Over 25 yrs. ago, my husband (deceased) and I visited Alb.N.M..and went to the gallery in Old Town: Purchased 2 paintings. I have searched the internet/even e-mailed a few museams who didn’t have the kindness of any type of reply. I need possibly to sell them and know nothing. No one here can give me info. either. Any, any info. you may pass one would be appreciated. Thank You. Fran

  2. Nancy Yackel Post author

    Hello Fran,
    Please forgive the delay in my response, I’ve been away dealing with my Mother’s final illness and funeral. I found one gallery in Old Town Albuquerque that list Johnny Yazzie as one of the artists they represent. You might try contacting them – Ancient Traditions Gallery. 400-A San Felipe NW, Old Town Albuquerque, NM 87102, Phone: 505-244-1402. I also found an interesting bio on Yazzie at http://artnativeamerican.com/cart/index.php?cPath=4&main_page=index that you might find of interest. Good luck in your search.

  3. Jarrett Mc Donald

    I also have two paintings i bought in albuquerque, my wife and i love them. I am from Raton,New Mexico, but live in San Diego. I don’t have a;ot of money but would like to buy one.

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