January 12, 2010 – Boulder & Golden, Colorado

A Found Day – New Experiences

Prepared for a full day of jury selection and possible service the day seemed a gift after my name wasn’t called for the selection process. January temperatures in the 50s and cloudless blue skies promised a perfect day to go adventuring. We decided to make our first visit to Eldorado Canyon State Park south of Boulder followed by an informative hour at the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum in Golden.Rock Climber

The rocky walls and cliffs of Eldorado Canyon holds a worldwide reputation with rock climbers. The park also offers miles of hiking and biking trails, fishing and picnicking. Thirteen miles south of Eldorado Canyon the museum offers a look into many aspects of mountaineering in Colorado and around the world.


Mountaineering Museum While we weren’t tempted to become a human spider on the lichen walls of Eldorado Canyon nor stand atop Mount Everest our impromptu activities were a perfect match for a January Day.

Too often we feel the need to venture far from home in our travels when there are many overlooked opportunities worthy of our attention nearby.

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