Travel Log – July 15, 2012

Restful Day

Taos, New Mexico

Are we getting old or wise? We did the unthinkable today with a slow paced day in our charming casita. Bob did some sketching, looking for inspiration for the coming week’s workshop. Nancy did some baking, writing and gazing into space.


Stephen Kilborn held an orientation session for workshop participants in the late afternoon at his gallery in Taos. The group shared a bit of the bubbly and an overview of the week ahead.


We join friends for a yearly tradition of dinner at Doc Martin’s in the Taos Inn. At least once during a Taos visit we need to have Doc’s Chile Relleno. The cheese stuffed Anaheim chile is coated in a blue corn beer batter, smothered with traditional green chile, topped with pepitas and goat cheese cream with salsa fresca on the side. I dug in so quickly I didn’t remember to take a photo of the attractive presentation. Maybe next time.


We spend a marvelous summer evening on the patio of the enclosed courtyard listening to Doug Montgomery piano CDs and planning for tomorrow.

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