Travel Post – April 9, 2014

Musical Instrument Museum

Magical International Medley


Truly a day of discovery. I knew that a new museum had opened in Phoenix since our last visit but had read little about the Musical Instrument Museum. As we drove into the parking lot and saw the size of the building Bob commented, “What could possibly be in all that space?” Little did we know, much we were to discover.


MIM - Sousa Band


The Musical Instrument Museum deserves a much more detailed feature than there is time to do now. Tonight I’ll share just a few details and photos as an introduction to this incredible collection and visitor experience. The collection numbers more than 10,000 instruments and cultural items from more than 200 countries and territories. The largest international depository ever amassed.


MIM - Stick MIM- Chihuly Piano

MIM - Syrena MIM - Accordian Horn


 After spending five hours we had a credible overview, however it would take days to grasp all that MIM has to offer. Upon entrance everyone is given a wireless headset. As one approaches each element of the exhibits you hear a music sample coordinated to videos playing on HD screens, sometimes as many as five or six clips at each location. Seeing the instrument directly in front of you, a video of it being played and the audio strengthens the experience and memory.


MIM - Bulgaria

The galleries on the second floor are organized by continent. We started in Europe; after two hours we knew we had to move on although there was more to experience. A sampling of the large United States & Canada Gallery included the anatomy of a Steinway piano, a guitar workshop, rock and roll, brass bands and dozens more.


MIM - Anatomy of a Piano


Guitar WorkshopMIM - Rock n Roll


When we were one hour from closing time we begun a quick walk through of the Asian, African, Middle East, Oceania and Latin America collections. So much more to see and hear from countries we’re barely aware exist and instruments we’ve never heard of or seen.


MIM - Turkey


MIM - Nigeria MIM - Mongolia MIM - SingaporeMIM - Mexico

I jokingly say I’ll go back when I have someone to push my wheelchair because we both had aching backs from too much standing. If I lived nearby I’d go once a month until I’d covered all MIM has to offer. At least now we know what’s in that massive building.


MIM - Bob & Bass


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