Gator Jack’s Sandwich Shack – Rigby, Idaho

Idaho Meets Southern Louisiana

Gator Jack’s Sandwhich Shack

Gator Jack's

We would never have stopped here except it was recommended by out B&B hosts. In fact we had driven right by on our way to the B&B and hadn’t even noticed there was a restaurant in the nondescript building.


Idaho meets southern Louisiana with surprisingly good results. I had the shrimp and andouille sausage jambalaya (small portion which was plenty for a very hungry lady). There was just the right kick in the spice. When I requested a slice of bread or a roll I received two pieces of sourdough (my choice) warm from the grill – no extra cost.


Catus Jack's PotatoesBob had the southern fried chicken dinner. Two pieces of breaded breast, a bowl of mashed potatoes with choice of white or brown gravy and fried green beans. The potatoes were enough to feed a family of four – this is Idaho after all. After tasting the green beans I wished I had ordered a side of my own (not that I needed them)). This probably wasn’t the most spectacular Cajun meal I’ve ever had but much, much better than I would ever expect to find west of the Rockies.


 Big mugs of sun ice tea quenched our thirst. We know is was as advertised truly sun tea as we spotted a big jug brewing on the window sill as we left. An added bonus was the two deliciously soft chocolate chip cookies our waitress dropped off as we finished  our meal. I had intended to order a slice of the made-from-scratch Herman’s German Chocolate Cake but no way could I have eaten another bite.


Service was cheerful and prompt, something we appreciated after a long day of travel. Prices are extremely reasonable for the quality and quantity, our total bill was $25 for two dinners and ice teas. Would definitely stop again when near Rigby.

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