Off We Go!

“We could leave today!” exclaims my husband Bob when I call him to say that I’ve been dismissed from potential jury selection. It’s 10:40am the day after Labor Day. A much anticipated trip has been on hold because of a jury summons. We’ve had no idea whether we will be able to leave in a day or two; or, perhaps a week or more.


Maps & Books


In the first eight months of the year we’ve been submerged in health issues.  There’s only been one week of “freedom” from doctor appointments, tests, procedures and therapy. Both of us are more than eager to take advantage of travel possibilities.


During the 20-minute drive home I consider the possibility of leaving today. Nothing is packed, no reservations made. I’ve been accumulating various “don’t forget” items in a spare bedroom but always assumed I would have at least an evening to prep before leaving. Can we pull everything together in just a few hours?


Our intended itinerary is driving north through Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota to Regina, Saskatchewan. If all is well we’ll head east to Manitoba and Western Ontario to make s circle trip around Lake Superior. It’s an ambitious trip with our health situations and no set plans.


I send Bob off on errands: books back to the library, pick up the cleaning, cash from the bank, top off the gas tank. I scurry to  put in a final load of laundry and start going down my check list. As it appears all is possible I make a reservation at the Holiday Inn Express in Torrington, Wyoming. It will be about a four hour drive and will click 200 miles off the drive the next two days.


One of our final chores is to sit down to a late lunch. No way could we waste the garden fresh tomatoes, the last fresh Palisade peach or some choice leftovers.


With everything packed and stowed and the house locked up tight we back out of the driveway at 2:05. Not bad for a three hour effort. Off we go!

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