BrickHouse Grille – Dickinson, North Dakota

BrickHouse Grille was recommended at our hotel as the best restaurant in Dickinson, North Dakota. I don’t doubt that this may well be true as the choices are few when you get beyond the level of sports bars, pizza joints or Applebee’s.


We enjoyed a pleasant, enthusiastic waiter, although my observation of other wait staff made me believe he was above the norm. The waiter at the table next to us was repeatedly trying to up-sell every drink and course.


My husband ordered a cup of the daily soup special, loaded baked potato. He reported it was very, very good. And, I must say even it’s aroma across the table was very, very pleasant. I admit to being a bit jealous of his choice.


I found the salad disappointing – one slim tomato wedge on a damp assortment of greens, some browned and wilted. I prefer crisp greens to wimpy, limpy field greens and find three inches of spinach stem particularly annoying and difficult to gracefully get into the mouth.


BrikHouse GrilleMy oven-roasted chicken breast proved to be the best dish I tried, the crispy skin added flavor without drying out the white meat. I would have preferred another treatment for the horseradish mashed potatoes, finding the horseradish a bit strong with chicken (I’ll take mine with a piece of prime rib) and the texture reminded me of those made with potato flakes and too much liquid.


Bob found his beef and mushroom penne pasta dish in dire need of seasoning. I guess we should have stuck with the soup and friendly discourse with the waiter.

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