Day 3 – Canada or Bust

North Dakota Landscape


Another day of drive, drive, drive to reach our goal of Regina, Saskatchewan. Before my first visit to North Dakota I imagined an endless, non-descript landscape. The Badlands in the western portion of the state doesn’t fit that image, making the drive much more interesting.


Lake Sakakawea Bridge

We follow ND22 north from Dickinson to New Town. Frustration sets in when we join a long line of traffic following an incredibly wide load – creeping uphill of course. There is plenty of time to admire the Badlands view.


We cross Lake Sakakawea (formed by the damming of the Missouri River) at New Town to catch ND1804, a 70-mile stretch of hills and  curves to Williston. This the heart of the Bakken oil fields and it seems everyone is on the move – mostly in very large truck in a hurry. We can hardly wait to get further north.


The border crossing was uneventful until I gave a flippant answer to, “Do you have more than $10,000. in cash?” Without a pause, “I wish,” jumps out of my mouth. We had to repeat that question with a no nonsense, “No.”


Oil exploration declines in southern Saskatchewan. We note the frequent small bodies of water – I would call them ponds but later learn here they are called sloughs. By whatever name they attract a large variety of waterfowl.


We make a mid-afternoon stop at McDonalds in Weyland. Bob’s interested in the large number of local seniors gathered for coffee and chit-chat, males on one side, females on another.


With grateful relief we arrive at our Regina Holiday Inn Express, home for the next three nights.

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