Day 12 – A Day at the Museum – Winnipeg

We’ve elected to spend an additional night in Winnipeg so that we can visit the Manitoba Museum – a decision we are very pleased with at the end of the day. A friendly receptionist gives us a brief description of the galleries and ticket options.


MM - Polar Bear

The museum encompasses three major venues: museum galleries, science gallery and planetarium. Visitors may purchase tickets for one, two or three venues. Planning to spend the day, we select a two venue purchase. Little did we know; after more than five hours we are still exploring the museum galleries. Our aged legs and backs cry “uncle”. Flexible policies allow a refund for the unused venue portion.


MM - Nonesuch

Museum Galleries Include:

  • Orientation

  • Arctic / Sub-Arctic (The aurora-lit arctic of Hudson Bay)

  • Boreal Forest (Covers nearly ⅓ of Manitoba)

  • Earth History (Manitoba’s geological history)

  • Grasslands (Where the buffalo roamed)

  • Hudson Bay Company (Artifacts from the HBC museum collection)

  • Nonsuch (17th-Century sailing ship replica)

  • Parklands (Transition area between Boreal Forest and Grasslands)

  • Urban (Reminiscent of a vibrant young city in the 1920s)

MM - Nonesuch Doors

MM - Nonesuch HourglassProbably the most popular exhibit is the replica of the two-masted ketch, Nonsuch. The original sailed into Hudson Bay in 1668 searching for furs. The Hudson Bay Company was founded two years later. To celebrate the company’s tricentennial the replica was built in England and sailed 14,000 kilometers of salt and fresh water before coming to the museum. Visitors may board the ship, wander around and below deck.


A personal favorite was the Hudson Bay Company Gallery exhibiting items from the collection of 10,000 artifacts gifted to the museum by the HBC. “Manitoba’s National Treasure” includes natural history specimens, human history artifacts and items relating to the Company’s 300-year history and impact on Canadian commerce. From antique maps and items depicting First Nations’ traditional lifestyles to a replica of a HBC home office in London. I could have spent even more time in this gallery.


MM - Hudson Bay Office

The gift shop with a fine collection of Manitoba and Canadian arts, crafts and products called for a visit before we could leave the museum. I believe this was the best shopping of our trip.


We concluded the afternoon with an early dinner at the downtown Keg Steakhouse before heading to our hotel to pack for tomorrow’s departure eastward.

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