Day 8 – Rant




This evening at dinner I was totally disgusted by the actions of two tables near us. Both, in my opinion, stiffed restaurant employees. I really felt anger at both parties but felt that it was inappropriate to insert myself into the situation. Am I right or wrong?


The Restaurant is a long time regional favorite south of Tucson. Menu is Mexican with some unique touches, prices very competitive for the fare and region. The staff is friendly, kind and efficient.


Table one – an elderly couple, simply but nicely dressed, (we may be seniors but I refuse to be classified as elderly – yet) ordered chips and salsa, bowls of the homemade tortilla soup and the restaurant’s signature dessert. The bill must have been between $15 – $20. The man came back to the table and said, “I almost forgot to leave a tip.” I don’t know exactly how much he left but I know that a quarter, a dime and some pennies were involved and not a shred of paper money. The lady who was busing the table asked, “What is this?” His reply, “The tip.” I had watched the waitress’ entire service to this couple, she did absolutely nothing to deserve this treatment.


Table two – two senior ladies, from overheard conversation, they were well educated and traveled. One had greeted an owner by name. There were two musicians playing requests at the tables, quite good and very engaging. The ladies carried on a lengthy conversation, requested a song and, or course, did not tip.


Are people this clueless, rude, disrespectful, thoughtless? In today’s world doesn’t everyone understand that wait staffs are paid far below minimum wage with the expectation that they make up the difference in tips. Musicians moving from table to table taking requests are working for tips. This was not a situation where there was a cover charge. If you are going to take up their time – PAY UP. It is wrong to avail yourself of services you are unwilling to support.




Am I right or wrong?

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