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Schooner’s Restaurant – Jupiter, Florida

Schooner’s Restaurant

Favorite Jupiter Lunch

schoonersOur first day in Jupiter usually finds us at Schooner’s Restaurant for a late lunch. The casual, relaxed atmosphere proves to be a necessary respite after several hours at Mother’s assisted living facility. The patio beckons us to sit back and enjoy an icy drink while lunch is prepared.

Schooner’s specializes in fresh seafood and fresh vegetables although meat and poultry are well represented. The regular menu is supplemented with a chalkboard of specials and fresh fish of the day listings. We always look for the Habanero Mango BBQ Shrimp Gorgonzola Salad. A large bowl of fresh greens and salad veggies topped with skewers of grilled shrimp basted in a spicy mango sauce. I’ve happily devoured other dishes from clam chowder and crab cake sandwiches to key lime pie.

schooners-patioService is almost always friendly and attentive. During our last visit on Martin Luther King Day they were obviously slammed but the staff worked together to get everyone served and keep drinks refreshed. Our only complaint over the years has been that they don’t automatically serve a roll, crackers or bread with our favorite salad. We’ve learned to ask for a roll when we order and the request is always met.

Most customers prefer outdoor dining if weather allows. A large covered area feels like a big friendly front porch. Palms sway over the brick patio while umbrellas provide shade. The interior tends to be very dark.

Diners range from local twenty-somethings and families to vacationing seniors; the ambiance, menu and service satisfy a broad range.

We’ll be back the next time we’re in town and hope to see our favorite salad on the menu board.

When You Go: Schooner’s Restaurant, 1001 North Highway A1A, Jupiter, 561-746-7558. Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.


Palm Beach County – Florida

Return from Florida

My sister Judy and I just returned from a visit with our mother in Jupiter, Florida. As good as intentions were the blogging took a hiatus after the first couple of days.

palm-trees1Mother is 97-years-old, blind, in a wheelchair and living in an assisted living facility. Her condo, where we stay during our visits, is a 45-60 minute drive from the ALF. The most direct route, I95, tests the sanest and safest of drivers. Driving the middle lane at 10 miles over the speed limit creates speedways on either side of you as cars and semis zip by in a blur of motion and noise. Add to the mix a newly arrived senior fearful of any speed over 40 mph. We sense it’s almost a daily death defying act to approach the on ramp.

Our days are spent visiting with Mother; some days she’s alert with good long-term memory, other days she’s asking, “Who are your parents?” Each day drains one mentally and emotionally. We try to treat ourselves to one nice restaurant meal or interesting activity every day.

Our niece Janis enhanced the latest trip by flying in for the weekend. Besides visits with Grandma we took in an Ansel Adams/Georgia O’Keeffe show at the Norton Art Museum, giggled, gossiped and grazed through several excellent restaurants.

During our stay south Florida had the coldest temperatures in five years (I was in Florida for that one too) while Denver saw almost a week of 70° days. The day we left was balmy with many of our neighbors headed to the beach. Upon landing in Denver the pilot announced a cold 17°.

In the coming days I’ll share bits and bites of Palm Beach County while getting back in Colorado mode.