Speedy B’s – St. Johns, Arizona

Lunch at Speedy B’s

Needing nourishment on our day long drive from Sedona, Arizona to Albuquerque, New Mexico we stopped in St. Johns, Arizona for a sandwich. We made our choice by where the most cars, including a sheriff’s vehicle, were parked at 1pm. Speedy B’s appeared to be a typical small town eatery. I’m sure we were the only non-locals among the clientele.

Nothing fancy but a true presentation of exactly what we ordered. I had a green chile cheeseburger with chips. Bob ordered a patty melt with fries. The fries were actually better than average. My ice tea must have been a 48-ounce glass. More than even I could handle. I asked for a to go cup and the waiter topped it off. I’m sure I had a half-gallon of tea this afternoon. We didn’t indulged but I noted that a slice of pie was $2.

Speedy B’s proved to be a basic, honest operation – just what we needed.

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