Taos, New Mexico

Taos – Through the Windshield

We were on our last leg of a three week road trip. The route took us through Taos, New Mexico – a place we like to visit and know fairly well. Other than a stop at the Visitors Center to use the restrooms and pick up the requisite five pounds of current travel literature we stop only for traffic and stoplights.

blue-doors-of-ranchos-de-taos1As I’m sitting in the passenger seat thinking how strange this seems Bob says, “Feels funny not to be doing anything here, to just drive through.” We point out new street lights, a reopened restaurant, a road project completed since last summer, new gallery locations but keep driving. Today we’re focused on getting home. The draw of Taos is strong, we already have plans for a week this summer when we’ll see Taos up close and personal not through the windshield.

When You Go: Don’t just drive through plan a Taos visit.

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