Pass Key Restaurant – Pueblo, Colorado

Annual Fix

We’ve had it, our annual Pass Key’s fix. Passing through Pueblo, Colorado anytime between the lunch and dinner hours is reason for us to stop at Pass Key’s, a Pueblo tradition for more than half a century. Anyone who grew up near Pueblo or spent time there salivates when you mention the Pass Key Special. Bob’s been indulging since 1963 when it was a small drive-in with carhops and just a few tables.

passkeyA Pass Key is an Italian sausage patty and cheese sandwich hot off the grill served with peperoncini and fries. I had mine with provolone cheese and chips. Bob chose half a Super Pass Key with three kinds of cheese. The handful of shredded lettuce may be the only healthy aspect but once in a while we have to indulge. Since we’re starting early this year it may be more than an annual fix in 2009.

When You Go: We always stop at the Pass Key near the original location, 518 E. Abriendo, Pueblo, CO, 719-542-0827. There is also one at 1901 Hwy 50 West, 719-542-9144. Closed Sundays.

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