Annual Fix

We’ve had it, our annual Pass Key’s fix. Passing through Pueblo, Colorado anytime between the lunch and dinner hours is reason for us to stop at Pass Key’s, a Pueblo tradition for more than half a century. Anyone who grew up near Pueblo or spent time there salivates when you mention the Pass Key Special. Bob’s been indulging since 1963 when it was a small drive-in with carhops and just a few tables.

passkeyA Pass Key is an Italian sausage patty and cheese sandwich hot off the grill served with peperoncini and fries. I had mine with provolone cheese and chips. Bob chose half a Super Pass Key with three kinds of cheese. The handful of shredded lettuce may be the only healthy aspect but once in a while we have to indulge. Since we’re starting early this year it may be more than an annual fix in 2009.

When You Go: We always stop at the Pass Key near the original location, 518 E. Abriendo, Pueblo, CO, 719-542-0827. There is also one at 1901 Hwy 50 West, 719-542-9144. Closed Sundays.