Colorado Color Update – September 26

Panning for Autumn Gold in Cripple Creek

Aspen with Blue SkyToday’s journey took us to Cripple Creek, Colorado. More than a century ago Cripple Creek was the center of a rich mining district with a population of over 50,000. We went in search of history, spirits and autumn gold.

Snow lines the road in shady alcoves, a testament to our interlude with winter in the past week. A bronze patina paints some of the aspen trees, hues seldom seen with aspen. The sky stayed cloudless throughout the day, treating us to rich blue in distinctive contrast to yellow quaking leaves and white bark tree trunks.

The 18-miles between Divide and Cripple Creek is blessed with large numbers of aspen. With the west shoulders of Pikes Peak rising to the east visitors find the drive scenic any time of year but truly outstanding during peak color season. We saw some very nice color today but the region has a lot of green still to make the transformation to gold. The best color around Cripple Creek is yet to come.

Bronze Aspen Cripple Creek Aspen with Mine

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