Fall Update – Colorado

The Week That Was

Green Aspen with SnowMaples with Snow As summer turned to fall Colorado experienced schizophrenic weather this week. The last full day of summer gave us chill temps and enough snow in some locales to call out  the snow plows. Photos from Winter Park show the peaks and ski slopes fully covered in white. Is that to be the color of the season? I’m sure some enthusiasts are tuning and polishing their skis this weekend. The forecast for Saturday shows temperatures predicted to equal August averages. We can only take it one day – no, one hour at a time.

Hopefully we’ll join others this weekend reveling in sunshine and warmth for a day trip to check out how the changing aspens withstood the week. Come back tomorrow night for an updated report.

Breckenridge Peaks in Snow

2 thoughts on “Fall Update – Colorado

  1. Judith Pressler

    Visiting soon. Keep me posted on the sites to see. I’m especially interested in pioneer life, quilting and cooking.

  2. Nancy Yackel Post author

    Hi Judith,
    Where in Colorado will you be visiting? If you’ll be in the Denver area you will want to include the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden. The textile collection at the Denver Art Museum is currently closed for maintenance. I can make a few pioneer life suggestions when you let me know the parts of the state you’ll be visiting.
    Safe travels, Nancy

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