Genghis Khan Exhibit

Genghsis Khan

The days trickle down to a precious few to view the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science before the artifacts and art return to Mongolia. The exhibit closes Sunday, February 7, 2010 after a four-month visit. Facts, myths and suppositions are explored about Genghis Khan’s life and empire. Grasp a view of the nomadic life-style as you view the interior of a ger (yurt). See live performances by traditional Mongolian singers and musicians, rarely displayed period art pieces and weaponry. Follow the rise and fall of the Mongol Empire.

Time specific tickets are required for admission to the Genghis Khan exhibit. Make reservations before arriving at the museum. I suggest calling; my Internet reservations couldn’t be located two full days after they were made, an obvious glitch somewhere in the system.