Ski Town USA Send-Off for 2010


Steamboat Springs has been hometown to winter Olympians for decades, more than any other town in North America. In addition, hundreds more have trained on the ski jumps, slopes and cross country trails of Ski Town USA. For 97 years the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club has provided opportunities for youth to reach their dreams on and off the hills. Steamboat Springs believes, “It takes a community to raise an Olympian!”

SS - Todd Lodwick

Steamboat’s Todd Lodwick (right) competes in his fifth Olympics this year. He brings experience, dedication and dreams to the Nordic Combined team for its first ever Olympic medal. Joining Lodwick on the Nordic Combined team is Johnny Spillane (below) who grew up just two  blocks from Steamboat’s Howelsen Hill where he learned to love ski jumping. 2010 is Spillane’s fourth Olympics.

SS- Johnny Spillane

The Steamboat community plans a send-off to Vancouver celebration for the 2010 Olympians and hometown heroes. Friday, February 5, thousands will gather on the downtown Courthouse lawn at 6:30pm. Planned events include live music and fireworks choreographed to the video The Flying Ace, an aerial show starring Olympian and former Steamboat resident Fuzz Federsen. Past, present and future Olympians plan to appear with poster signings in downtown stores. The 15-foot tall Steamboat Winter Games Caldron will be lit and continue to burn throughout the Olympics.

Celebrate Steamboats Heritage and the Olympic Spirit!