Coney Island Boardwalk – Bailey, Colorado

Hot Dog!

Coney Island Exterior

The giant hot dog along US285 west of Bailey rates almost iconic status in Colorado. At 42 feet, Coney Island claims the title of longest hot dog in Colorado; nestled in a 35-foot long bun and topped with mustard and pickle relish.

The unique roadside eatery was constructed on Denver’s Colfax Avenue in 1966. Four years latter the structure was moved to Aspen Park in the Denver foothills. Travelers headed to or from the mountains frequently stopped for hot dogs, burgers or ice cream – a tradition for many families.

Coney Island was slated for demolition in 1999 to make way for a bank. On closing day the line stretched for miles – customers waiting for one last Coney Dog. Fortunately a buyer and new location was found on the banks of the South Platte River. The 18-ton hot dog made a 17-mile trip west to Bailey.

DSCN0464 The menu offers All American hot dogs with all the usual condiments toppings of cheese, chili, kraut or slaw. Specialty dogs include corn dogs, brats, hot Polish, smoked buffalo and smoked elk jalapeno cheddar. For those who don’t do “dogs” burgers are also available.

We recently joined the noon-time line to place our order for chili cheese dogs and fries. Inside seating is limited to two small tables and a few counter stools. We choose a umbrella shaded table on the deck  while others selected picnic tables on the riverbank.

Coney Island with Boys I wouldn’t claim this is the best hot dog I’ve never eaten but worth the stop in a fun atmosphere; after all, it’s a Colorado tradition. Don’t forget to take pictures of the kids and the giant hot dog.

When You Go: Coney Island Broadwalk is located at 10 Old Stagecoach Road, Bailey, Colorado – phone 303-838-4210.m Open 9am – 9pm on weekends, 10am – 9pm weekdays.

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