K’s Dairy Delite – Buena Vista, Colorado

Ice Cream Worth the Wait

K's Dairy Delite Sign A July mid-afternoon in Buena Vista, Colorado practically requires a stop at K’s Dairy Delight. The menu says, “One location serving the nation!” I count license plates from ten states when we pull into the parking lot. The line is long but no one’s complaining.  

Many customers order burgers but it seems everyone wants ice cream in the form of cones, shakes, malts, floats, sundaes, parfaits or banana boats. The soft serve ice cream is legendary. Choose a regular, waffle, dipped, twinkle cone or a doubleheader.

K's Dairy Delite Exterior The Urban Spoon website ranks K’s as the best ice cream in Colorado, I mumble, “yum” several times as I finish my vanilla cone and wish for a doubleheader. Definitely worth the wait.

We couldn’t resist stopping again on our return trip. This time Bob and I order caramel shakes – WOW! Michael gave his black raspberry shake great reviews.

Columbine Park across the street provides picnic tables and plenty of shade for relaxinBuena Vista Playgroundg while consuming K’s Dairy Delite treats. A large playground will wear off youthful energy before getting back in the car for the next leg of the journey.

When You Go: K’s Dairy Delite is located at 223 Highway 24 South, Buena Vista, Colorado; 719-395-8695.

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