Chihuly Garden and Glass – Seattle, Washington

Charmed by Chihuly

September 28, 2014


Sealife Tower


Today was the day to fulfill a primary purpose of the entire trip – to experience the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition in Seattle. We were not disappointed, even better than anticipated.  Many elements of the site deserve more time and space than I have energy for tonight. Therefore just a few photos to provide an overview. Hopefully there will be a time when I share more from an outstanding day.


Bob's Starfish


My new favorite Chihuly installation is the Sealife Tower. Golden glass sea forms float in the massive blue tower. Stunning. The longer I circled and observed the more enchanted I became.


Bob's Snail


Eight indoor galleries present the wide variety of Chihuly’s creations. Glass Forest, Norhtwest Room, Sealife Room, Persian Ceilng, Mille Fiori, Ikebana and Float Boat, Chandeliers, Macchia Forest – none should be missed.


Glass House with Northwest Sun


A number of glass conservatories around the world have hosted temporary Chihuly exhibitions. For Seattle’s Garden and Glass he designed his own glasshouse. A 100-foot long suspended glass sculpture stretches across the top of the 40-foot tall room.


Glass House Installation


 The 605-foot Space Needle looks down on the outdoor garden installations. At the right time of day reflections of the Needle appear in many of the glass orbs in fascinating juxtapositions.


Space Needle Reflection


After viewing just a few amateur photographs I hope you agree that the Chihuly Garden and Class is well worth a trip to Seattle.

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