Tacoma – September 30, 2014

Tuesday in Tacoma

Forget It

Day 20 and it’s time for a Travel Rant


Thinking of going to Tacoma and it’s a Tuesday, save yourself frustration and forget about it. Tacoma closes on Tuesday. Major attractions lock the doors and disappear. One has to wonder who is the mastermind that decided everyone should close on the same day. How does that benefit anyone?


The Museum of Glass – Closed on Tuesday

However, the Store is open to part you with your money

Washington State History Museum – Closed on Tuesday


Tacoma Art Museum – Closed on Tuesday

Don’t consider going north to the Seattle Art Museum – Closed Mon. & Tuesday


 Fort Nisqually Living History Museum – Closed on Tuesday


Tacoma History Museum – Closed on Tuesday


On previous trips to Tacoma we’ve visited four of the five museums and would love to revisit each of them. These sites offer quality experiences – just, NOT on Tuesday. It’s not like this is a single staff or even one association running the five facilities; it’s beyond my comprehension why anyone wants to see all these attractions closed on the same day.


The only power the traveler has is to take their tourism dollar and leave town. Exactly what we did.

5 thoughts on “Tacoma – September 30, 2014

  1. garethjames

    Hi Nancy; we met at the Bad Rock B&B. Sorry to hear about your Tacoma experience. I went there on your recommendation on Thursday 26th and had a great time – thank you! Both of my trip reports are now on my blog, but the 2500 photos are yet to be sorted! Gareth James

  2. Julianna Verboort

    Beginning November 18, Tacoma Art Museum will be open on Tuesdays! And starting in 2015, the museum will be open 7 days a week. More open hours = more time to enjoy art!

  3. Nancy Yackel Post author

    Hello Gareth, I’ve enjoyed your trip reports and look forward to seeing the photos when you have time to sort and post. It sounds like you had a great trip and I’ve noted some places you’ve mentioned for our future consideration.

    I know that I was at fault for not checking on the museums’ open days; however, it doesn’t make sense to me that everyone closes the same day. Monday is frequently a day of closure and I’m usually alert to that. I am glad you were able to get to Tacoma and felt it was worthwhile.

    Do come back to Denver on your next trip to the states.

  4. garethjames

    Hi Nancy – since Picasa has become Google+ I’m struggling to link my web albums to my blog. I now have 2 albums of my US trip – c.500 photos (Glacier is the highlight!) – so if you send your email address to peopleplus@gmail.com I’ll email links to them. Kind regards. Gareth

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